Five Tips to Keep in Mind When You Rent a Car

Renting a car can make a vacation infinitely more enjoyable. Who wants to use public transportation hen they’re on vacation?

Car rental may surprise you with its affordability and convenience if you’ve never done it before. The following are five tips to make the most of your Discount Car Rental Toronto:

Shop around for insurance

You can get the best possible deal on insurance for your rental if you explore options online rather than buying right from the rental agency. Usually, there are other providers of insurance who can offer you better rates than you’ll get at the rental office. Put some research into it to find the best deal. You shouldn’t pay any more than $10 a day for insurance on a basic car rental.

Be punctual when returning your vehicle

Remember that when it comes to car rentals, you’re generally charged by the day. If you’re even a few minutes late, you may have to pay for an additional day. The best way to minimize the costs of your rental is to be punctual when returning your vehicle. Aim for an early arrival at the rental office to minimize the chances that you’ll be charged for additional time.

Opt to fill up the tank yourself

Pre-purchasing gas for your car rental is generally not the best idea. It’s hard to determine how much gas you’re going to use during your trip. If you simply refill the gas tank to the same level it was at before your rental, you’ll be sure of a fair deal regarding the gas costs of your trip.

Try independent agencies if they’re available where you’ll be traveling

There are some big name rental agencies out there like Hertz and Avis. However, you shouldn’t assume that these are necessarily the best companies to deal with when you’re looking for car rental Toronto. You may be able to find a lower cost local rental agency in the area in which you’ll be traveling. Do your research to find the best option rather than flocking to big name rental agencies.

Shop online for discounts

You may be able to find discount coupons online with sites like and Don’t miss out on the great deals these sites offer. You should also check for discounts with special organizations and retailers with whom you may already be a member like Costco and AAA. Another important resource for discounts on rentals is credit card rewards points.