Reasons Why People Love Wooden Watches

There are tons of fashion accessories ranging from clothes to shoes to watches in the market today. However, one of the accessories that have caught the attention of many are wooden watches. People wear them for one reason or the other. Here is why people love wooden watches.

They are unique

There are no two watches made from wood products that look alike. Wooden watches are different, and people love to be identified with not only class but also unique things. They are unique because they are handmade. It is not possible for a handmade product to look like the other.

They are eco-friendly

With a wooden watch on your wrist, you are showing people that you care about the environment. This is because wooden watches are made from renewable materials that grow naturally all over the world. Depending on which type of wood is used, there is a wide variety of trees, mainly soft and hardwoods, available. Bamboo is the most common type of material used in wooden watches. It is hard and can be molded into different shapes easily. Wood uses less energy to process and shape. It also absorbs carbon dioxide in the air.

They are hypoallergenic

Wood watches are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction on anybody. Most of the metallic watches do not go well with the skin. They cause irritation and potentially serious allergic reactions. They are also smooth on a skin that has already developed complications. This means that you can wear them anytime and in any manner. You no longer have to come up with an excuse for being late for work or an appointment if you have a wooden watch.

They are light

Most people like to feel comfortable without too much footwear or any other clothing. Wooden watches are made for such people. They are far much lighter than metallic watches. Most people do not even feel the watch when it is on their wrists. This is convenient for people in different fields, including those who participate in marathons.

They look good

Wood watches are easy to customize and mold into different shapes for the user. One can also easily use many colors on them. As a result, they can literally achieve any aesthetic requirement. Most people love them because of this quality. They look great with any outfit, especially the lightly stained variants. This makes them great for any occasion.

They are free of toxins

Wood watches are toxin-free. They are made from natural woods that do not require processing with harmful chemicals. In addition, all wood companies are required by the law to test their products thoroughly before releasing them to the market. This means that every wooden watch you buy does not contain potentially dangerous compounds.